Bustin Boards

Bustin Boards sells longboards which you put together yourself. You choose the type of board you want, the artwork and the colors of it, trucks and last the wheels. They look pretty nice and supposedly handle well to. I like the idea of customizing you own gear, even if the possibilities aren’t endless it’s still a nice touch.

You might want to check out the review written by Steve Cave at About Skateboarding if you’re interested of getting one.

Bustin Boards review at About skateboarding
Bustin Boards website

Bustin Boards website

5 Responses to “Bustin Boards”

  1. Johan Says:

    Nice site + nice boards. Altough the decks and equipment seems to be more design orientated than your average choice of a longboard. For example you could check out Lush longboards – http://www.lushongboards.com in the u.k. Excellent decks and good trucks + wheels. They even make their own range of trucks + wheels! Good prices + shipping within the ec without customs.

    In sweden you have the mighty brothers – kahalani boards. Always a good choice but maybe a bit to expensive and “extreme”…

  2. Johan Says:

    One more thing – just saw the ads: as i recall longboardshop.de is a quite good site as well…

  3. Fredrik at KiNK.se Says:

    http://www.lushlongboards.com/ (your link didn’t work) looks cool.

  4. Johan Says:

    Well, that might be because i misspelled the url :-)

  5. Bustin surf board Says:

    […] Bustin Boards | KiNK.se 28 Jun 2006. Bustin Boards sells longboards which you put together yourself.. Appertiff 2000 – 2010 · Diamond Supply Co footwear · Going surfing? Bustin Boards | KiNK.se […]

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