Design your own snowboard

Burton have this really cool webservice where you can design your own snowboard and buy it. The artistic freedom is not totally free, but you can do pretty much.

First you choose the board model you like and length, then you choose a theme and from that theme you choose different styles, logos, patterns and colors of the base, top and sidewalls. You can even put your name on the base if you like. The only downer is the price. This customized version of the vapor below costs almost 11.000 SEK that’s about 1450 USD, but it’s a cool idea though.

Burton Series 13 website

Series 13

3 Responses to “Design your own snowboard”

  1. Elliot Gregory Says:


    I’m in my final year of university studying graphics. For my final project im looking to design my own range of snowboards as I want to combined my two passions, boarding and graphics.

    From what I can make out from your web-site is that you select a already made up design, or am I wrong? Can you do whatever design you like and send it in to be printed on the board of my choice?

    I would be really grateful if you could clear this up for me.

    Meany thanks Elliot

  2. Jason Says:

    hey i hated this website. oh and by the way YOUR MOM is playing with ya

  3. Ben Dover Says:

    YELLOW SNOW is bad!!!!

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