Longboard reviews

Summer is coming fast and maybe it’s time to trade in your old longboard. Steve Cave at About skateboarding have reviewed a couple of boards from Arbor. I really like the look of Arbor skateboards with Hawaiian Koa wood.

Arbor longboard review at About skateboarding
Arbor Skateboards

Arbor skateboards

3 Responses to “Longboard reviews”

  1. Steve Cave Says:

    I’m glad you like the boards too – aren’t they beautiful?! Thanks for the link!

  2. Fredrik at KiNK.se Says:

    Yeah they look great, like old school surf boards, haven’t had the pleasure of testing them myself.

    I wrote previously about Arborsports and their boards

  3. Lachlan Esplin Says:

    Dear River Farm Family skateboards
    My name is Lachlan and I let go of my sponsers to see if you could sponser me. I live in Eden, Nsw, Australia and I am 14 and I love to skate so if you could sponsor me that would be sick as. My Post code is 2551 eden.
    My full respect
    Lachlan Esplin

    ( I heard your boards are really really strong)

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