Movie clip: Skiers vs. Snowboarders 1985

This is a pretty funny clip from CBC archives from 1985. The news story is about the banning of snowboards on popular ski hills and some people give their view of the problem.

Skiers vs. snowboarders

Skiers vs. snowboarders

5 Responses to “Movie clip: Skiers vs. Snowboarders 1985”

  1. Mathias J Says:

    When I started to snow board in 87 or 88 or whatever it was they didnt let you put the anchor lift between the legs on some sloaps. Bastards

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Those bastards

  3. Matt Says:

    are you kidding me, snowboarders are drunks and shit? like missles, no brakes, wat dumbfucks. fuck i hate skiers like that, fucking dont take up the whole mountain and get the fuck out of the damn way!

  4. Paul Says:

    skiers are so fucking horrible and unpredictable. I love it when you ride advanced stuff and there is some dumb fuck skier who thinks he can rip it but all he’s doing is taking up the entire god damn fucking slope (one of those damn “side hill skiers.”) dont get me wrong, ive seen a few skiers who can rip, but 95% of the people on the slopes here in colorado need to go the fuck back on the greens. if you dont like going fast, stay where the hell you belong, or just go back to Texas with your damn church group and never come back. What assholes

  5. justin Says:

    Im a skier, but i respect snowboarders and like all my friends snowboard. I dont think its reasonable for mountains to not let snowboarders in (there are still some today) because snowboarding isnt dangerous. but im so sick of boarders who get pissed off at skiers just for skiing. I dont ski cause i cant snowboard, i ski cause i fucking want to. If ur a snowboarder, i respect you just as much as anybody else bot dont get al bitchy at me for skiing cause theres nothing wrong with it and if you wanna try to block skiers out of parks and stuff you can fuck off cause i dont wanna do anything to you at all but let you do ur thing.

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