“We” snowboard movie from Brothers Factory

If you have some time over here is the complete movie “We” from Brothers Factory, the whole 53 minutes of it. This is the third movie from Brothers Factory. Pretty cool to be able to watch it online for free.

Nicolas Sauvé, Ben Bilocq, Pedro, Will Demers, Charles-Frédérick Demers, J-Ben, Ralph Samson, Laurent-Nicolas, P-U, Alex Cantin, Will Lavigne, Greg Desjardin, Nic Houle, Alain Jomphe and many more

Brothers factory website

Updated: The whole video wasn’t available any more over at Google Video, but here’s a trailer of it.

4 Responses to ““We” snowboard movie from Brothers Factory”

  1. seb Says:

    I never seen any movies that good!
    I wish a could have a copy of that dvd because one day those guys will be famous a can tell you

    I hope the company will grow up a never change their style

  2. adam Says:

    I remember watching this last year, Amazing video! ..but what happened to it? It’s ‘currently unavailable’.. I can’t find it ANYWHERE I’m dieing to see it again, and I’m sure that I am NOT the only one ahah it was awesome.. can they get it available on google video again? Or does google video just suck and their inconsistent, and it will be back up soon? email me if you can help thanks sgt_adam_101st@hotmail.com

  3. Fredrik Says:

    Don’t know why it unavaible any more, couldn’t find the whole version anywhere. Replaced it with a teaser. If it’s available anywhere, please post a link here!

  4. bf Says:

    hey guys
    thanks for the support
    brothers factory stopped making movies but “we” and the 2 previous movies are available on http://www.brothersfactory.com for free
    there is also a podcast you can check out


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