Blacklight tattoo’s

This is a pretty insane idea, are you interested of having tattoo’s but afraid of what your surrounding will say? Why don’t you use blacklight reactive ink then. The tattos are invisible until they are exposed to UV blacklight. Kind of cool wearing tattoo’s that no one will see or expect, but kind of weird too.

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Blacklight tattoo - Photo: Richie/
Photo: Richie/

[via the cool hunter]

8 Responses to “Blacklight tattoo’s”

  1. sickr Says:

    Rad, I could imagine these going down well at nightclubs.

  2. Craig Kenyon Says:

    Tel me where i can get this done in uk

  3. joe Says:

    If you can get these as temps I definitely want one. Good for freaking out shop assistants. 😀

  4. glenn Says:

    I have seen tatts like that.. and i need to know if i can do it in sweden or i i need to go to england for it..

  5. Tidus Says:

    They look great and all, but the chances of finding somewhere especially in the UK to get it done (somewhere that is good anyway) is fairly slim as the ink is really bad for your skin.
    I’ve been recommended against it at Northside Tattooz where I get mine done which is one of the leading shops in the UK and they say that UV reactive ink is poisonous to your skin so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  6. Attomo Says:

    could have just been drawn on not actual tattoo?

  7. jojo Says:

    how does it look without the light on it??? and does it last as long as normal tattoos? are there any diffrances in terms of quality?

  8. Tattoo Designs Says:

    Very first sorry for my English it’s not great :) I loke this weblog thank you.

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