Safety procedures

I made it back home from my vacation, Val Thorens was sweet and the season is officially over for my part now.

When flying it’s nice to think of “Safety procedure” animation made by Richard Fenwick. It has the same style as the “Safety procedure” folder you find in the seat pocket at all flights. The exception is that this clip shows a more accurate picture of crash scenarios. Enjoy, or not.

Safety Procedure Movie Clip

Richard Fenwick

4 Responses to “Safety procedures”

  1. sickr Says:

    Awesome, how was the resort dude?

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    Val Thorens is a great resort. The village itself is located at 2300m, and and the system has 600 km available piste. Because of the height there’s no trees which means so much easy access off-piste. It’s pretty easy to find untracked powder next to the pistes in the afternoon.

  3. sickr Says:

    Wow, sounds fantastic, bet you had some great rides.

    Anyhow welcome back.

  4. Fredrik at Says:


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