Paul Frank first class roller

I came across this wonderful travelbag from Paul Frank whilst talking a walk in the nice spring weather. I fell in love immediately. The bag is in leather and covered with travel related logos and is sized to fit overhead compartments.

Paul Frank first class roller at Urban Outfitters

Paul Frank first class roller
Photos – Urban Outfitters

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  3. GoggyBob Says:

    Omg Thaz Thah Freeeeekenn S E X Doodz….Lurrrven It !

  4. chellzzzzz Says:

    Superlicous, this 1 gives you total individuallity, and respect, sxc for all those Paul Frank loverzzzz out there, And yes iam 1 of them!!!!

  5. paul Says:

    you wouldn’t happen to be wanting to sell this would you? I’ve been looking for this item for about a year now and would be willing to pay some decent money. My e-mail is up there, let me know if you’re interested, thank you.

  6. paul Says:

    okay, i guess it looks like my e-mail didnt show up –

  7. Reina Says:

    I have this roller bag if anyone is interested in buying.

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