Skateboarding without the board

Some mutation of the skateboard pops up now and then and disappears without a trace. Well here’s one odd mutant, skateboarding without the board itself. The company behind the product is called “Freeline Skates” and one set costs $129.

Freeline Skates

[via Videofeber]

3 Responses to “Skateboarding without the board”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Not for the fainthearted but it’s an awesome hybrid of inline and skateboarding – without the skateboard propped up against your desk. You can hide it in your handbag :)

    I bet I wouldn’t last 5 seconds though :)

  2. » Top 5 strangest skateboards Says:

    […] TechEBlog have a list with the top 5 strangest skateboards, I don’t understand why some people have to motorize “skateboards”, if you can call them that. I think the coolest on the list is the freeline skates, which I wrote about awhile ago. […]

  3. how to kickflip Says:

    how do you get the balance and the take off right speed right, looks like i would fall over before i stood up, still looks incredibly fun though.

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