Jody Koenders and the Artic challenge 2006

Jody Koenders had a bad day at the Artic challenge 2006, he had a nasty fall and sustained som serious head injuries. He is now getting better and you can follow his progress at Check out the clip below with the nasty crash from the Artic Challenge.

The results from the competition:
1 Henning Marthinsen
2 Terje Haakonsen
3 Andy Finch
4 Takato Taniguchi
5 Gian Simmen

Best Trick: BS 9 – Henning Marthinsen

Highest Air: 5,7 meters – Andy Finch

3 Responses to “Jody Koenders and the Artic challenge 2006”

  1. Lindansaren Says:

    That was a real bad one! Poor guy.

  2. peter Says:

    oh… that’s just horrible…

  3. Says:

    Yeah it looks really bad (and it was). He seems to be getting better though.

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