Swedish boardercross snowboarder dies in accident

The swedish boardercross snowboarder Jonatan Johansson died during a practice run at the world cup in Lake Placid. He apparently loosed control during a jump. He flew around 30 metres and were 5 metres above ground. One source says he broke his femur bone which pierced his torso puncturing one of his lungs, his heart and the aorta another one states that he broke his neck. All attempts to keep him alive failed.

Press release at svensksnowboard.net (scroll down for english)
Article at swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

2 Responses to “Swedish boardercross snowboarder dies in accident”

  1. Tobbe Says:

    Man, this sucks. He must’ve fallen incredibly hard. =/

    RIP Jonatan

  2. KiNK.se Says:

    Yeah it’s a tragedy. You always thinks of avalanches as the real danger in snowboarding. You might break some bones and so on in the park but not die, that’s just so far away.

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