Skiing and snowboarding by Cathy Struthers

“Skiing and snowboarding” is a book written by Cathy Struthers. The book consists of 52 chapters, each chapter is a tip on how to enjoy the snow even more. The costs about $15 and can be bought at Amazon. Below are the titles of the first ten chapters.

1. Picking your planks
So you’re officially hooked on cruising the white stuff. But when’s the right time to turn your back on rental shop queues and buy your own pair of skis? And where on earth do you start? Fret not, help is at hand.

2. Find your feet
Want to ski better, faster, longer, without doing a shred of technique work? Then it’s time to get aligned.

3. Wanna get high?
The world’s highest resorts may deliver if you’re after steep and deep, but being on top of
the world doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel it. It’s time to get clued up for high altitude

4. Cheap thrills
A ski or snowboard holiday doesn’t have to break the bank. Picking the right destination and being canny booking it means that even the most Scrooge-like skier can get their kicks for less.

5. The Vallée Blanche
The Vallée Blanche is probably the most famous ski run in the world. Plunging down from the Aiguille du Midi at 3880m to Chamonix at 1100m, Europe’s longest, most spectacular run is in a league of its own.

6. Back on blacks
It’s a rare skier who hasn’t experienced back pain – 85% of us will suffer at some stage – but it doesn’t have to limit your fun on the hill.

7. The protection racket
Butt pad, wrist guards, kidney protection – slope style has suddenly gone all Michelin man.
But how much protection does body armour really give you?

8. Going up
Grrr, lifts. They save you no end of effort but they also cause you no end of hassle. Lengthy
lines, aching legs and how the hell do you get off them?

9. Park life: snowboard
Skip the table tops, the jumps and the rails and you miss half of what snowboarding’s all
about. Everyone has to be a first timer in the park some time.

10. Après-ski angels
Overdosed on après-ski? A bit of pretox and planning for the morning after will get you out
on the slopes before lunch.

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Skiing and snowboarding

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