Mini winterland at Flickr

The tilt and shift effect hits the winterland. The picture below is one of atomtigerzoo’s photos at Flickr. The tilt and shift technique gives you the effect of watching a photo of a miniature when it’s actually real people.

Check out the photoset Miniland! at Flickr

Photo: atomtigerzoo

5 Responses to “Mini winterland at Flickr”

  1. Tobbe Says:

    Nice! I wonder what a tilt&shift-enabled camera costs… I want one :)

  2. Says:

    Well, I know that Canon has a lens for their SLR cameras, the lens costs about 11000 SEK.

  3. henning Says:

    thanks for showing my image and linking my set :) Cool!

    If you want a real tilt&shift lense you can get a lensebaby over here:
    But the effect is cheaper 😉

  4. Says:

    Henning, OK I wasn’t sure if you created the effect digitially or if you shot them with a tilt & shift lense. Either way they look cool

  5. Tobbe Says:

    Cool, maybe I should investigate how to “fake” it via Photoshop instead then. Anyone got any good tutorials on how to do it or is it done via 3rd party filters?

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