Olympic hotties

Who are the girls competing in the Olympics? All covered up in thick layers of clothes, helmets and googles. Well here are five girls competing in the 2006 Torino Olympics revealed.

Gretchen Bleiler
Gretchen is competing in halfpipe for US. She was born 10 april, 1981 and this is her first olympic.
Gretchen Bleiler FHM photos
More photos and info about Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen Bleiler
Photo: FHM

Kari Traa
The norwegian freestyle skier Kari Traa was born january 28, 1974. She is competing in moguls and this is her fourth olympic appearance.
Kari Traa photos for Ultra sport
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Kari Traa official site

Kari Traa - Photo: Johan Wildhagen
Photo: Johan Wildhagen

Aprilia Hägglöf
Aprilia was born April 2 1983 in stockholm sweden and is competing in the snowboard parallel slalom.
Photos and info about Aprilia

Aprilia Hägglöf
Photo: www.apriliahagglof.com

Lindsey Kildow
Lindsey born october 18 1984 is competing in alpine skiing for the U.S.
Lindsey kildow official site with more photos

Lindsey Kildow
Photo: www.lindseykildow.com

Tina Maze
The slovenian alpine skier was born may 2 1983.
More photos and info about Tina Maze
Tina Maze official site

Tina Maze
Photo: www.tinamaze.com

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  1. peter Says:

    now there’s a good reason to keep skiing..

  2. Doug Says:

    I think these girls should be in a Maxim Mag. or and Playboy if thats alright.they are the reasons why i watch the skiing part.

  3. cecio Says:

    siete tutte bellissime!!!!!!

  4. Pinnochio Says:

    Can you say yummies

  5. Roland Says:

    wow!!!! sexy pics! :-)

  6. rok Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaa ku je sexy pizda ma najbuj tista taprva slika woow

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