Win three pairs of the éS Accel

Now you have the chance to win three pairs of the éS Accel. All you have to do is too explain with 15 words or less what you like about them. The contest ends february 10th so what are you waiting for?

Enter the contest!
Check out éS spring collection Flyer (pdf)

éS Accel
Photo: éS Footwear

2 Responses to “Win three pairs of the éS Accel”

  1. Michelle Says:

    o my effing god those are my shoes!!!! lol the red accel’s they are the best effing shoes ive ever owned and the third best shoes ive ever seen wait no fourth but anywayz… im planning on wearing them even when mom makes me get new shoe. btw… at the same time i bought my es’s, i got black and white elements, and my mom stole them. no, not to keep them from me, to wear them to work. … akward!! anyways… yeah i effing love my shoes!!!!

  2. Fredrik at Says:

    You really seem to like ’em Michelle :)

    Too bad the contest already ended though…

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