Movie clip: Old schoolish skateboarding

Here’s a sequence with Richie Jackson from the movie “Escape from boredom”. Richie is currently living in sydney and rides for Death Skateboards. He pulls off some pretty cool stuff, like riding down an escalator. He looks like he’s from the seventies and his skateboarding is kind of old school too. Kind of weird for a guy born 1985.

More about Richie

Check out the video

Richie Jackson

2 Responses to “Movie clip: Old schoolish skateboarding”

  1. » Escalator surfing Says:

    […] Richie Jackson did it with a skateboard, now here is how it’s done with skis and snowboard. Not as gracefully as Richie did it and probably not that healthy for the skis and snowboard, but it sure looks cool. […]

  2. Fredererickkey Hogleshnorf Says:

    I hate brustle sprouts, but love shoes. I like totally have a million shoes.

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