Movie review: Futureproof

FutureproofA bit late but hey. The guys from “Absinthe Films” who are behind movies as Pop, Saturation and Vivid has released “Futureproof” this year. A really cool snowboard movie with big mountain riding and big kickers. Gigi rüf does a sick crash in the beginning, can’t even estimate how far he flies. This is manly a freeriding movie but they’ll managed to sneak some rails into it. Not that many though. So if you like powder, big mountains, backcountry and going big, this movie will suit you.

Gigi Rüf, Romain deMarchi, Wolle Nyvelt, Kurt Wastell, Trevor Andrew, Jonaven Moore, Christophe Schmidt, DCP, JP Solberg, Matt Beardmore, Nicolas Muller, Chris Coulter, Yannick Amevet, Nicolas Droz, Jules Reymond, Jussi Tarvainen

More info about the movie and trailer

2 Responses to “Movie review: Futureproof”

  1. Arvid Says:

    Yes mannen!det blev engelska till slut..

  2. Fredrik Says:

    jepp, det tog ett tag att skriva om inläggen och fixa med allt annat

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